Nano-iT Stainless

Long lasting rich lustre for all appliances and all stainless surfaces.
Luxurious finish for stainless steel surfaces. Repels dirt, smudges and fingerprints. Cleans, polishes, conditions and shines without streaking.

Removes and prevents fingerprints, smudges, dirt, grime, and grease with one stroke. It leaves a microscopic coating which absorbs into the surface.

Also packaged as Rock-it-oil Lustre this new generation wax is also an excellent treatment for all painted metals. If you wish to give a ‘newlook’ to your painted metal just a quick spray and wipe of Nano-iT Stainless is all that’s required. . .try it and see for yourself how easy it is to apply.


Always test a small sample to ensure that the desired result is achieved before proceeding with the main project. If in doubt, do not proceed. Apply undiluted using a dry cloth (lint-free) generously to the surface, ensuring a good surface coverage. Day-to-day dirt will easily be removed. Removal of heavy chalking will take more effort. Then dry and wipe off using a dry cloth. To obtain maximum gloss we recommend that you polish with a lint free dry cloth after approximately 1 minute.

As required

9.5oz pressurized can

: The product may be stored for at least 12 months in its original packing. Protect from frost and direct sunlight.

Empty containers as well as any remaining product must be disposed of according to the local laws and regulations or it must be taken to the community collection point for such materials.

When using this product please take note of these instructions. We wish to make it clear that the use of chemical preparations should only take place when the safety measures are observed and are always out of the reach of children. The technical information given here is according to the latest technical knowledge and composed from our own experience. In view of the many uses possible with this product it is therefore the responsibility of the user to act according to the given situation in respect of safety – that is to say the user acts upon their own responsibility in any given situation when using this product. That the use of this product takes place out of our jurisdiction, we have set out safety and protection measures, but we cannot be held responsible in any circumstances. For any misuse of the product we cannot be held responsible. In the event of a new version of this information becoming available – this information here set out is no longer valid.


Technical Data:
Mixing proportions As Delivered
Dilution Not dilutable
Finish Gloss
Colour Transparent
Layer thickness: approx. 1 – 2 μm (dry)
Temperature range 5°C – > 35°C
Can life approx. 24 months (at 20° C)
Dust drying time* approx. 1 mins (at 20° C)
Number of applications required: 1 per week
Polishing Machine with felt pad 2000-2500 rpm
Spread rate: approx. 10ft ²/oz
*Application at ambient temperatures below 5 °C can extend the drying times !